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ThePantrySB Teaches You and Delivers Everything You Need To Cook Delicious Meals At Home

Organic and Whole Foods Focused Meals

Located in beautiful Santa Barbara County, ThePantrySB takes the load off your week by meal planning, shopping, and teaching you how to make delicious whole food meals at home! Do you have trouble trying to decide what to cook or where to go for dinner? You can relax knowing that everything you need to make a satisfying whole foods based dinner is waiting for you when you get home. No thought or worry required.


Online Video For Every Recipe

Are you a visual learner? We are too. We wanted to show every chop, sear, roast and final plating so there is no confusion on how to get a delicious meal on your plate.

New Concept. Fresh Food In A Box. Delivered.

We get it. This is probably a different kind of food service than your local pizza parlor. It saves time, headache, and provides a fun date/family time activity every week! Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page!

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