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Located in beautiful Santa Barbara County, ThePantrySB takes the load off your week by meal planning, shopping, and teaching you how to make delicious whole food meals at home! Do you have trouble trying to decide what to cook or where to go for dinner? You can relax knowing that everything you need to make a satisfying whole foods based dinner is waiting for you when you get home. No thought or worry required.


ThePantrySB Food Box Memberships includes locally sourced proteins, fresh organic produce, pre measured seasonings, video instructions and recipe cue cards to show you how to quickly cook up  wholesome meals. Spend just a few minute before starting to watch the demo video, and let our test kitchen show you how to sear, chop, slice and plate each individual ingredient for the very meal you are about to make.


With a focus on seasonal produce, our meals will never bore. Constantly varied to keep your tastebuds interested, ThePantrySB Food Box Membership will introduce you to new cooking techniques and ingredients every week. The Pantry SB serves Santa barbara county and most of California.


Sign up by visiting the membership page and get ready to start cooking!

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